Principia College Women's Basketball

Here is where you will find all kinds of snippets and tidbits about our program, our coaches, our players, our team and our campus community.  Nothing excites us more then knowing that you are getting to become familiar with us as we also learning about you as well.  This collaboration will enable us to find all of the things that we have in common and make our differences less important.  We encourage you to check this page as often as you want to or can.  We will be posting here quite often and keep you guys up to date on all of the things that make our Team, our Coaches, our Players, our Program and our Campus Community unique and special.  Welcome and thank you for exploring being a Panter.  

Where is Principia College?

This is a question that we get asked quite often.  It is very easy to explain where we are located but words do not give a great description of exactly our location.  We thought long and hard on how to showcase not only our location but the beauty of the path to our school which we find to be very unique and breath-taking at all times of the year.  We had some fun with these videos.  They are all very short with the longest being slightly more then a minute but check them out and now that you know where Principia College is, lets make an appointment for a visit.  

Our Journey Begins - Where is Principia College

Crossing the Mississippi River and Entering Illinois

The River Road - Part 3 of Where is Principia College

Elsah is in View - Part 4 of Where is Principia College

We have sight of the Sign - Part 5 of Where is Principia College?

The FINAL act: We are HERE

Our Camps + Your Athletes = High energy success

I am Coach Ro. I am the Head Coach of the Women's Basketball Team here at Principia College in Elsah, Il. We are very excited to have the unique opportunity to host several camps here on campus this upcoming year. Our goal of our camps are to supply a high quality, high energy, basketball experience for every one regardless of age or skill level.